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The Role Of The Marriage Registration


Regarding the implementation of marriage among
Muslims, since the beginning of independence, the
government has taken an active role by establishing
provisions on marriage, namely in laws and regulations.
This policy is taken as an effort by the government to
regulate and regulate the implementation of marriage and
as legalization and legal certainty both in personal and
family life, including the legal consequences arising from
a marriage. This research is descriptive, that is, to describe
the situation or object in actual facts, systematically and
the characteristics of the subject and object are studied
accurately, precisely and according to the actual events.
After the author has reviewed and explained the discussion
of this thesis, the results of the study can be drawn as
follows:The role of penghulu on marriage registration in
the Abung Semuli District Kua carried out by penghulu has
not been optimal because penghulu in making efforts to
register marriages such as, socialization about the
importance of marriage registration is only carried out in
the sub-district environment has not been comprehensive
to villages that are far from the district, even though it has
only been carried out in the last one year in 3 years. As well
as other efforts also penghulu do not do routinely nitas
penghulu only do his efforts occasionally