• Riki Kurniawan Universitas Islam An Nur Lampung


Shari'ah Economic Principles, Price Fixing Mechanism, Price Fairness


One of the important activities in economic life is
the exchange of goods and services, where these activities
will form a price. In the concept of Islamic economics, the
purpose of holding buying and selling transactions is to
seek the pleasure of Allah SWT, not to increase wealth or
maximize profits. In determining the price of an item, it
must be agreed and generally applicable, currently
minimarkets and modern shops including the Arafat Store
in setting prices using the odd price determination
mechanism, which is setting prices with nominal prices or
currencies that do not apply such as Rp.5,675, odd price
pricing contains elements of vagueness and will harm
buyers because at the time of payment the price will be
rounded and the seller takes more profit through Price
rounding done by the seller.
This research is a causative research, the collection of
research data is carried out by holding observations or
observations and interviews, with the object of research in.
This study aims to analyze and review based on the
principles of Sharia Economics regarding the mechanism
of selling prices in Toko Arafat which uses pricing with the
use of unclear nominal prices.
Based on the results of research and analysis of the selling
price determination mechanism, it can be concluded that
the nominal pricing mechanism is unclear or odd price
determination using fairness-based pricing, pricing is in
accordance with Islamic economic principles because the
price set does not tyrannize buyers to take advantage of a
reasonable level. does not take advantage of the rounded
odd price rounding results, but the rest of the rounding
results will be collected and transferred to social funds in
collaboration through the Baitul Maal Hidayatullah
(BMH) institution, which is an amil zakat social institution
engaged in collecting zakat, infaq, and sodaqah funds. And
odd price pricing is the equilibrium point between the
forces of supply and demand that is voluntarily agreed
upon willingly by sellers and buyers.