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Financial Management, Business Development


Management is the science and art of a business
process of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating,
and controlling activities using human resources and
objects in an organization in order to achieve
organizational goals effectively and efficiently.
One of the LKP institutions that plays a role in using
financial management is LKP Kharisma college which is
seen from the results of a pre-survey conducted by
researchers that the source of income at LKP Kharisma
College Punggur, the source of income is new student
applicants of 100,000.00 rupiah and KC provides elective
programs such as Computer (3 Month Package), for
elementary, junior high, and high school. Fee Rp.
500.000,00/ Package. Bimbel SD Grade 5 and 6, Rp.
100.000,00/ Month. English, and mathematics courses for
elementary, junior high, high school, and general, at a cost;
Rp. 100.000,00/ Month. And Sewing Course (Male /
Female) at a cost of Rp. 1.500.000,00 plus 5 pieces of
practice materials. The financing can be paid in
installments according to ability.
This writing aims to find out how the role of financial
management in Business Development (Case Study at
Kharisma College Punggur Education Course
Institute).This type of research is field research, while the
nature of this research is descriptive-qualitative.using
primary data sources and secondary data sources. The goal
is to be able to describe the role of financial management
in business development at LKP Kharisma College, data
collection techniques, interviews and documentation, and
observation if needed. Interviews were conducted with the
treasurer, secretary and chairman of LKP Kharisma
College. Documentation is used to obtain data as
information material in the form of data related to financial
management activities at LKP Kharisma College and
observations are made to observe the implementation of
financial management at LKP Kharisma College.
The results of this study concluded that the role of financial
management in business development at LKP Kharisma
College affects the financial management process. Where
good management will facilitate activities that have been
planned and achieve goals well. At LKP Kharisma
College, financial management has been going quite well,
but there is still something to be improved related to the
payroll system for teaching instructors / tentors and
depreciation management on fixed assets